You must have played for three years or more Return

There are three Levels of Coaching (plus Level 4 & 5 with the EBCS)




To become a qualified coach you must first apply to the SBCA County Coach for an
application form for an interview

At the interview you will be shown and explained the various paper work and told what will be expected of you during the training 

If you are accepted for a Coaching course, the present fee is 30.00 payable to the S.B.C.A.

 Training to become an Instructor will be taken over three to four weeks and you will 
be assessed at the end.

On passing your assessment you will be given a Certificate which will certify you as a qualified Instructor.

On qualifying as a Coach you will be reassessed after four years.

The membership fee per year is at present 10 this includes your insurance for the year.

We just don't teach you to be a Coach. We teach you how to teach people to play Bowls.   

Application Form  for Instructor 

Application Form  for Coach

Application Form  for Senior Coach

Presentations on Etiquette and Marking
Our team will go to any Club
to give these presentations Free of charge.
Please contact P Staddon 

We are now Affiliated with the E.B.C.S