Prior to July 2000 coaching was managed by Somerset County Bowling Association who appointed a County Coach each year to organize the coaching in the county. With the setting up of the E.B.C.S a few years earlier it was felt that 
the time was right for the coaches of Somerset to set up their own association. This was done with the approval of the S.C.B.A at the time. 
A meeting was held at the BCL Bowling Club in Bridgwater, and Past County President Eric Pepper, who himself was a coach was asked to be the chairman, and the then County Coach Dick Northam, also a Past President was asked to continue his role in the new Association.  Brien Bradford was also asked to take over as Secretary and Treasurer. The meeting sanctioned these appointments and the secretary was asked to set up the inaugural meeting for the 
16th October 2000, to be held at BCL BC Bridgwater under the auspices of the E.B.C.S.
In 2003 our association revised the Constitution and changed our name to the Somerset Bowls Coaching Association. To safe guard our assets our Bank Account was also changed.
Our members decided to go it alone because we were not given a say in our own destiny by the E.B.C.S, so we took out our own insurance.
After two years  the E.B.C.S promised that they would change their Constitution to give coaches more say, but this did not materialise.
Once again  at our last AGM in October our members decided to set out on their own because of the confusion within the coaching 
establishment we were not prepared to see our Clubs in Somerset suffer. 
 We have now have our own Badge and instruction manual and are fully operational to cover all eventualities.

2016 after negotiations with the E.B.C.S. and consultations with our members it was decided to affiliate with the E.B.C.S. this has now taken place
and all our members are now registered with the English Bowls Coaching Society.

We still retain our identity with our badge and constitution to Senior Coach level (E.B.C.S level 3)