Updated   18/09/17          AGM   7.00pm at TAUNTON DEANE BC  MON. 25 SEP. 17         

Somerset Bowls Coaching Association now affiliated to the E.B.C.S 

The Somerset Indoor County have voted to support the SBCA

Annual General Meeting of

Somerset Bowls Coaching Association

Held at Taunton Deane on 25th September 2017

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting).

Matters arising from last year’s meeting:  Peter Martin said that he had not seen the letter put together by Ellis Davies under the guidance of The County Coach.   Peter Staddon agreed to send Peter Martin a copy.

The treasurers accounts were accepted in her absence (unfortunately Pat Hayes is in hospital).   Agreed that subs for the year remain at £10.

The County Coach reported on Skills Days undertaken by our association and reported on The School of Excellence which is now run on a county basis as opposed to National.   He also reported that efforts to organize Refresher Courses and certificate updates had proved very difficult to organize.   Peter Staddon also said that he would arrange for out of date certificates to be brought up to date and that he would arrange for a First Aid Course for Level 3 coaches whose certificates were now past the recommended renewal dates of every three years.                                                                                                                                                                            

The County Coach also thanked all who had helped him in his duties during the past year with special emphasis on the outstanding and vital contribution that Pat Hayes makes to the work of our Association.   He also reminded members of our Web Site.

Peter Martin raised the issue of our stance regarding joint membership of the B.D.A. and our association.   He also referred to correspondence which he thought deserved serious consideration from the head of the B.D.A.   Lengthy debate followed covering various positions.   No binding vote could be taken as there were not enough members present to make a quorum.   The feeling of the meeting was sought by the chairman.   Fourteen members indicated that our current stance should continue, one felt that we should embrace dual membership if some of our members so wished.

Election of Officers:   Proposed by Jim Beer and seconded by Brian Davies that the present incumbents continue .   Agreed unanimously.  The meeting then closed at 7.51 p.m.

The EBCS Director of Coaching Mr. Vic Waite attended our School of Excellence at Taunton Deane IBC. He helped on the rinks all day and presented the prizes at the end of the day very much appreciated. 


Many years ago the Somerset Outdoor County used to nominate a County Coach, this one person would visit the various County Clubs coaching.    The then County Coach joined the E.B.C.S. and started training other coaches in the various clubs. (Outdoor and indoor)
It was agreed by the Outdoor County board at the time that it was only right that the Somerset coaches should vote for their County Coach. This has now changed the S.B.A have now decided to nominate their own County Coach with no consultation with the indoor County or any other 
bodies in Somerset. This position will not be voted for democratically. 
The Somerset County Coaching Association was formed in the year 2000 and all its officers have been voted for at their AGM. for the last fifteen years. We have our own constitution, insurance, identity, badge and training programme. 
All its members are volunteers any monies created goes towards equipment and training booklets. (No officer gets paid)
Our method of teaching has a proven record over the last 15 years it quickly gets members playing well.
Our aim in life is to attract new members in clubs and give them a basic training, we have found over the years 98% of members just like to have a game of bowls a bit of social at the club and go home, only 2% of any club want National competitions so a basic training at the start gives a good grounding for how ever far they wish to go.

The Somerset County Indoor Association are now fully supporting the SBCA

To all members of Somerset Bowls Coaching Association

Copies to Secretaries Indoor and Outdoor Clubs in Somerset  

I was asked at The A.G.M. of our Association on Monday 26th Sept. 2016 to write to you to clarify our status as coaches and our Association as trainers.

Because we are affiliated to E.B.C.S. our qualifications are recognized nationally and our training of coaches up to and including Level 3 (Senior Coach) recognized.   If any of our members leave the County, E.B.C.S. will issue a replacement certificate on request.   This has already been done for one of our members who has gone to live in Devon.

We as Coaches  are qualified to coach both indoors and outdoors.

 Training of new coaches continues to be done through The County Coach with duties delegated on a regional basis to a small team of trainers and assessors.   Please contact Peter if there are any requests for training.

For information:  Our £10 annual subscription includes affiliation fees and insurance.

We continue to be a successful organization with many committed coaches, and are proud of the fact that all our services are free for the benefit of new and existing bowlers.