Welcome to our association. At the present time  we have 70 coaches at various levels covering most of the outdoor and indoor clubs in Somerset. 
These coaches are all volunteers and are pleased to give up their time to promote good practice and to raise the standard of bowling around the County. They are all trained, Certificated and Insured  

We have  Coaches that are prepared to go to any Club in the County and lay on an 
afternoon / evening of exercises e.g. Video Delivery Clinic, Freeze the Head (reading the head), Phantom Bowler (team building) and give advice on etiquette.
If there is any club interested there is no charge, but we would be pleased if a small donation was made to our Association. 

If your Club is interested in inviting a team of coaches to run a skills day please contact
Pete Staddon
 Tel: 01935 824521        Email      Mobile :- 07884093794


Days Booked to Date


Comments received from Wrington
From the 28 bowlers of Wrington Bowling Club a HUGE thank you to you and your team for yesterdays session. I have had many messages, e mails and telephone calls thanking me for laying things on. My reply was Peter and his team made the arrangements and all I had to do was just get you all there. We bowled today away on grass and we won 31_9 which I can honestly say was down to the instruction I had. Some did not get on so well and said they need to practice what they were taught before they play again. The overall score for the club was a win by one point. I was sorry that we did not have time for the presentation but I will contact you sometime in the future to lay that on. Once again a very big thank you from myself and a BIG BIG thank you from Wrington Bowling Club